Sabatti Tactical EVO: the evolution in precision shooting

The Bolt-Action challenging the International industry of sport shooting rifles

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The Sabatti success all over the World is due to the caracteristics, performances and excellent quality-price ratio of their guns.

In the precision shooting field Sabatti has reached important goals, constantly improving the production processes.

The new Sabatti Tactical EVO rifle is the result of this technological evolution.

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Sabatti Tactical EVO

New Action

Sabatti Tactical EVO - 3 tenons bolt, side view

The new Sabatti Tactical EVO rifle adopts one of the best actions available in the market today, with particular performances in terms of resistence, precision and durability.

As a main feature, the new Sabatti Tactical EVO rifle action is completely floating over the stock, “suspended” through the use of two supports which eliminate the coupling tensions.

Sabatti Tactical EVO - 3 tenons bolt, top and bottom view

New as well the robust three lugs bolt, with a 60° fast opening angle and a bolt handle knob that can be easily replaced with other commercial models.

The quality of the finish of the contact surfacesallows a smooth and silent action operation that has very few comparisons with other realizations available in the market.

Sabatti Tactical EVO - Closed bolt
Sabatti Tactical EVO - Open bolt

Trigger Group

Sabatti Tactical EVO - Match Grade Trigger Group

The new Sabatti Tactical EVO rifles mounts a Match grade trigger group, allowing superior shooting performances.

The Tactical US variant mounts instead a standard trigger group, interchangeable with other models realized by Sabatti.

Sabatti Tactical EVO
Sabatti Tactical EVO

Multiradial Rifling Barrel

Sabatti Tactical EVO - MRR Barrel
Sabatti Tactical EVO - MRR Barrel
Sabatti Tactical EVO - MRR Barrel

The quality of the Sabatti Multi Radial Rifling barrels is well known at International level.

In designing the new Tactical EVO the rifling twists and the multiradial profile geometry have been further improved, to provide even superior performances.

Sabatti Tactical EVO
Sabatti Tactical EVO


Sabatti Tactical EVO - Nylon Stock

The reinforced fiber glass Nylon stock surface is coated with a scratch resistant special product.

By acting on the adjusting screws, the cheekpiece can be adjusted in elevation and windage.

The buttstock mounts a rubber buttpad, and the stock lenght of pull can be increased with the optional spacers that Sabatti offers in its catalog.


Sabatti Tactical EVO - Magazine

The Sabatti Tactical EVO rifle feeds through a standard detachable 3-rounds magazine.

An optional 6-rounds extended magazine is also available.

The Sabatti Tactical EVO US rifle version instead adopts a 7 shots Accuracy International AICS compatible magazine.

The evolution in precision shooting


Sabatti Tactical EVO - Models

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Technical Specifications


Manual repetition rifle


Precision shooting (sporting, professional)


(with rifling twist)
.308 Winchester (1:11)
6,5x47 Lapua (1:8)
6,5 Creedmoor (1:8)
6,5x55 SE (1:8)
.300 Winchester Magnum (1:11)
.284 Shehane (1:8,25)


Bolt Action – 3 front-lugs bolt with 60° opening

trigger system

Adjustable, 3 lever match grade (standard version)
Adjustable, standard (US version)




3 rounds, with detachable magazine; 6 rounds optional magazine


71 cm / 27.9”, 28 mm at muzzle, cylindrical (standard version)
56 cm / 22”, 22 mm at muzzle, conical (US version)

sight systems

None; prepared to accept Picatinny rails for mounting optics

total lenght

114 cm / 44.8” (standard version)
99 cm / 39" (US version)

weight (empty)

6,2 kg / 13.7 lbs (standard version)
5,2 kg / 11.5 lbs (US version)

materials / finishes

Steel for all metal parts; Black or Chrome matte finish barrels; black with white venations, or desert color stock


Adjustable, reinforced fiber glass filled Nylon stock, or techno polymer (US version only)


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Company Notes

The Sabatti family is active in the gun making industry since little less than 400 years. Passed down from father to son, from generation to generation, all the acquired experiences have not been lost, and are instead what today provides quality to the Sabatti production.

Sabatti is a leader in the manufacturing of top-class rifle barrels, whose excellent performances make them highly appreciated all over the World, by gun manufactures as well as by the most demanding sport shooters and professionals.

Except for the stocks, all components of every Sabatti gun are manufactured inside the company, using the best available technologies and materials, and a “know-how” which quite few International companies can boast nowadays.